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The magazine also covers shows in America and the Far East.

Also, selected companies are profiled in the magazine, giving the reader an insight into how companies operate in different sectors of this vast market.

This is particularly pertinent as the market today is hugely competitive. Gifts Today’s format of “super” A4, glossy full colour pages with high interest editorial and a discerning readership provides the ideal environment for advertisers to promote their products with confidence.

Strategically structured campaigns can be tailored to suit promotional activity ensuring that the trade marketing effort is maximised.

I expected a rambunctious dude with a slight Napoleon fact he was one of the most polite, down to earth, sexy, and funny celebs I've met..a slight Napoleon complex. And y'all know I tried my damndest to get a lil personal...

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As much as I like Ama Zulu as a player, I feel like he doesn't have the potential that other players around his same age have.

I hope he can stay away from injuries and prove me wrong.

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Lema Publishing Ltd was established in 1981 by toy trade publishing veteran, Malcolm Naish.

His first launch was Toys ‘n’ Playthings magazine, which quickly became a must-read trade publication for the UK toy industry.