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The Israeli jets flew north over Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, Hez­bollah's heartland, before entering Syrian air space and launching sev­eral missiles, reportedly at a con­voy carrying unspecified weapons for Hezbollah. ,’ that drew attention to the unequal and precarious position of women in the Middle East and North Africa.Her words prompted angry responses from many on the Left who are loath to blame one religion or culture for this miserable state of affairs. The book more thoroughly addresses the reality of women’s lives in the Muslim world and advocates for a sexual revolution there.Combining her own experiences growing up in Egypt with examples of injustices across numerous countries in the region, Eltahawy paints a picture of a world that is dangerous and unjust for women, and covers issues such as veiling, virginity, rape, harassment, domestic abuse, and equal representation before the law.Since then there have been at least 19 airstrikes, most of them in the Damascus area and further north in the Qalamoun region where there are a large number of Syrian mili­tary bases, including missile sites.Israel's March 16 operation, involving four jet fighters, was its deepest strike inside Syria since 2013.In 1944, Casoc was renamed Arabian American Oil Company, worldwide known as Aramco.

Our mission is to help people from all over the world to find their second half We are situated in Belarus, a small country between Russia and Poland.Israel has signaled repeatedly that it would not allow Iran to es­tablish a permanent presence in Syria nor permit Hezbollah to ob­tain game-changing weapons, such as advanced air-defense systems, anti-ship missiles and long-range guided missiles.Israel first launched airstrikes against suspected Hezbollah arms consignments in January 2013.In 1933, the king, through St John Philby, granted to SOCAL (Standard Oil of California) the exclusive rights of oil prospecting and mining in the Eastern part of Arabia, as well as special rights in other regions of the realm, for a 60 year-duration, extended then to 66 years.A new entity, California Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC), held for 50 % by Socal (which became then Chevron) and (since 1937, to 50 % by Texas Company (future Texaco), became landlord of the concession in 1934.