Dating party tokyo

In 2016, more than 360 startups gathered at our Slush event in Tokyo to meet with investors, executives, and media.Don’t miss your chance to meet your next investment and register for a Startup Pass and a Demo Booth! Startup Day is place for you to learn how to improve your business model and boost the sales by inspirational experts of the specific fields by participating at the workshops or queueing at one-on-one meeting.Networking with startups and founders from diverse background Startup Day is an exclusive, startup only event for startups that have Startup pass for Slush Tokyo. Lodge ( What to bring: Slush Tokyo Startup Pass Pitch Contest applications have ended!Only one person (1) from a startup company may get access to the event. Startup Day is hosted from 3 pm to 6 pm on Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017 at Yahoo! Pitch Contest presents the best seed-stage companies from diverse fields on [email protected] to make friends & have fun doing it?

Alongside the names of the DJs and promoters are a detailed set of rules, the most striking of which is "Do not approach girls."Studying the flyer, I wonder if this has something to do with the mysterious "sexless-Japanese-youth-debate" I'd read about.According to media reports, Japan's youth is suffering from a "celibacy syndrome." The statistics are startling.A third of under-30s have never been on a date, and a quarter of men and half of women say that sex just isn't for them.Please email [email protected] you haven’t received your info.I like to invite all my friends to my new open restaurant in OTA-KU area ,only 3 kojiya station. Open bar beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks and buffet included. Men Y3,000 (Foreign men Y2,500), ladies Y2,500 (Foreign ladies Y2,000) with e-mail reservation ( 500 going directly), [email protected], CLUB International Division.