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They all have something to offer to anyone who is, or will be, in a relationship.

To order any of the books directly from Christian Book Distributors, just click on the picture or title of the book(s) you want. James – Paints an appealing picture of the value of remaining sexually pure until marriage using Scripture, pop culture and her own experience.

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The founder of Focus on the Family says that one of his favorite letters came from a 14-year-old girl. No, I haven't changed my views because they are rooted in moral principles and in Scripture, so they are eternal.

How have cultural expectations for girls changed since you raised your daughter?

Dobson spoke with about his vision for shaping the next generation of women and his departure from Focus on the Family.

We stopped dating, yet something interesting happened – our relationship began to grow from good friends to best friends over the next several years."Dobson shared during the interview that during his own dating period with his future wife, Shirley, there was a time when they decided to go their separate ways.

In much the same way as the couple interviewed, the relationship became stronger as a result."The relationship often flowers when you say, in effect, 'love must be tough.' If it isn't going to work I'm not going to force it.