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According to a rep for the dating site, which operates under the slogan “Where Many Many Many Men Come Out to Play,” the ad was submitted on Monday, January 18th.

When the site followed up on the status of the ad on Friday, January 22nd, they were told by CBS that “the spot hadn’t been officially approved yet" by network standards, and that "all the Super Bowl spots were sold out.” SLIDESHOW: Click here to see famous banned Super Bowl ads.

On Wednesday, the network announced that they had approved a pro-life commercial starring Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, funded by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, to air during the game.

The road to the Super Bowl isn't easy -- for advertisers, that is.

The high rate of head injuries in football -- it often leaves players with brain damage by the time they retire -- has some wondering whether the game will survive the crisis.

In the ad, Pittsburg Steelers' Troy Polamalu is pulled from hiding.

He sees his shadow and it is proclaimed there will be six more weeks of football.

(Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds.) When the Sabine character asks her name, Bayer correctly responds: “I’ve never had one.” And while for two years her sweater-clad, smiling wife has subverted her own wants and desires for the needs of her “hungry guys,” this time, it’s sketch.

But with the show growing increasingly political (thanks, in no small part to newly-minted head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider—a gay man and a woman), we shouldn’t dismiss the influence of recent events like the Women’s March and Saturday’s Stonewall Protest on the sketch.