Geek dating 101

Or in the case of my friends Tony and Rachel, the World of Warcraft screen. There are even couples who go on dates via their favorite online video games.The reason for dating has not changed so why would how you prepare for a date change?That’s good news to you, the owner of a geek dating website. Indeed, people like Thomas Lennon’s character in 17 Again are no longer a hyperbole. Or anywhere else outside the set of the latest Sylvester Stallone’s movie.

This week, I'm sharing some tips I've found helpful to help with saving money if you (like me) tend to splurge on cosplay, games, and fandom related merchandise.

If you follow and apply the flirting, seduction, and social techniques that I am about to share with you, you too can crack the code and will start attracting hot looking women into your life soon.

I am sure that you have noticed the hot looking women going out with short, unattractive, and ordinary looking men.

Regardless of how you met the person you plan to go out with for the first time, the preparation techniques largely remain the same, even though we use different fashions and modern products like teeth whiteners and scented deodorant.

Here is a quick list of ideas to consider when preparing for a first date. If you have a mutual friend, then you could talk about how you each met that person.