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News of her decision earlier this month to come clean about her breakup with Hef.

"You know, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I want everyone to know what I'm thinking."The erstwhile Girl Next Door also put the kibosh on reports that her ticking biological clock played a part in her split from the octogenarian, saying that while she doesn't hide the fact that she wants kids "someday," right now she's just "way too busy."She's apparently applying the same rationale to her love life, as well.

“Much to my surprise, my turn was over as quickly as it started. It was so brief that I can’t even recall what it felt like beyond having a heavy body on top of mine.” Madison said the “nightmare” of living in the house was so traumatizing that she considered suicide at one point. “Over the course of my life I’ve had more than my fair share of romantic relationships with wonderful women,” he said.Everybody should be in love with themselves."And while she's clear about the fact that she and Hef are no longer an item, she's not one to kiss—or not kiss, as the case may be—and tell."I'm doing really good.I want to let Hef talk about [the breakup] for the next couple weeks...His relationship with Madison and two other Playmates was captured on camera for the E! Or he can at least lift one leg high enough to kick two people out of his mansion. Contact Music quotes Karissa as saying, "After a couple of weeks, Hef was getting a little bit upset about the boyfriends, so he wanted us to move out. ‘The girls do not like each other and constantly compete.' The multiple mates put a stress on Hef, too, though his current trio is less hectic than the seven blondes he had before: ' The past girlfriends used to give Hef health problems with all the troubles they caused.' " So that would mean there is some sort of contract for the "girlfriends," right? I do not have a contract to live here like the article said, I am here because i [sic] want to be here and cuz Hef wants me to be here.” Right.