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Among the fugitives is Tweener, played by Lane Garrison, who, alas, can't escape the heat in Texas, where the drama is now filming. Lane Garrison: I'm in 158-degree weather in Decatur, Texas, but other than that I'm awesome! He heard the old man say there was million buried in Utah, so.... He starts his thievery again; sort of like swiping the [Fox River guard's] watch, but this time he'll be stealing a wallet, cash....He was then arrested for misdemeanor battery in April 2012 after being accused of slapping girlfriend and Playboy Playmate, Ashley Mattingly, across the face. 's source said: "Kristen’s big brother, Cameron, has told her he’s concerned about the new relationship, especially since his recent arrest after his jail term."He's a much darker person than Rob and still goes to mandatory AA meetings every week following his battery arrest."But Kristen is trying to pull her life together and she’s been leaning on Lane since they started filming together."She understands his violent past but trusts that he’s changed and is really enjoying getting to know him."Meanwhile, Rob has been linked to several girls following his and Kristen's split earlier this year.From Katy Perry, Mischa Barton, co-star Sarah Gordon and K-Stew lookalike Riley Keough, R-Pattz is rumoured to be dating every girl he's seen with.

"Kristen Stewart is an amazing athlete and an amazing golfer.” In addition to his misdemeanor battery charge, Garrison is also on parole for a 2007 vehicular manslaughter conviction.He is due in Beverly Hills Superior Court this Friday for his arraignment and is currently held without bail due to potential parole violation.He faces one year in county jail and a ,000 fine.on Fox continues, as Michael, Lincoln and the rest of the at-large Fox River 8 run for their lives. We bring that talent back as he maneuvers his way from the prison all the way back to Utah.